We are aware that HTC will be releasing its new flagship the HTC ’10’ next month on April 12. However, it seems that the specs for the new phone have already been accidentally leaked in a recent benchmark, as what seems to be the norm these days. These are the rumored specs of what the company believes to be the most powerful phone they have released.

From the GFXBench benchmark, it seems that the rumored device is called the ‘HTC 10’. It has a 5.1″ quadHD display, which has been used in many different smartphones that have been recently released. There is also the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, that is the latest from Qualcomm, and packs Android 6.0, the latest version of Android so far. It states that there is an Qualcomm Adreno 530 GPU, the latest and most powerful GPU from Qualcomm. The benchmark also shows that there is 3.7GB of Memory, which is likely to be passed as 4GB of memory in the phone. The storage itself is 24GB but is more likely to be 32GB in total in addition to the storage taken by the software.

This benchmark makes us aware that there is a 11MP camera, which seems to be quite low on paper but HTC assume to be taking the route that Samsung is taking with the 12MP camera on the S7. Despite the camera being so low, it can take videos up to 4K quality and that’s great to see. The front facing camera is of  4.8MP. The rest of the benchmark let’s us know which sensors are available on the phone and which are not.

HTC has not confirmed what software the phone will pack, but HTC has teased images of what we can expect such as audio and performance, which also gives us a slight idea of what hardware and specs the phone could feature. Until the phone is released on April 12, we cannot confirm anything about the phone, however it does seem to be one of the best phones that HTC will released.