HTC could be creating the Nexus devices to be released later this year. According to Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, he has just made us aware that HTC are alleged to release two new Nexus devices codenamed “M1” and “S1”, as they work in collaboration with Google after their amazing phone they released earlier this month, the HTC 10. As far as we are aware, these new devices could be the devices that Google release later this year.

We could possibly believe this to be true as Google has collaborated with HTC before, but despite the fact it wasn’t much of a success, we did get the rumor that Google could be working with HTC and that they could be creating the next Nexus devices. The codenames could be something they are basing off Google’s codenames which are to be Marlin and Sailfish. These seems to be what Google would call them as all their other codenames are based on sea creatures.

How Evan Blass (Evleaks) came to the conclusion that HTC were working on these two devices seems to be from the image that is stated below. We can see that there is some reference to “Marlin” and the person (the one that has been covered) is a Qualcomm engineer, which gives us an idea that the new devices could have processors from Qualcomm. It is possible that the processors could be ones already released by the company or even some new ones that have not been announced yet. There is a reference to “Marlin”, however as of now there is no reference to “Sailfish” so the second device may or may not be called “Sailfish”, so until we get any more information, who knows.

Also according to Droid Life, there could be a possible benchmark as shown below. There is a reference to “Marlin” under Motherboard. Under the name, it says that the device is called Nexus 6P, but we know that this is not possible as there is 3GB of RAM in the 6P, but it states it as 4GB. Not only that, but the Processor shows four cores, but the Snapdragon 810 has eight cores. It is quite obvious that it is not the Nexus 6P.

These are just the first rumors of this device, but only after we receive more information, we can determine whether the information we have is true. Until then, we cannot be sure about the new Nexus devices.