If you follow the tech world, you’ve probably heard all the hype over how bad the LG G5 is. “It feels like plastic, the power button feels cheap, there is a big gap in the phone, you can see the antenna bands on the back of the phone.” It’s gotten so much hate, and it’s time to bring some light to it. For the first time today (yes, I know, I’m behind the curve), I got to see and hold the G5 in person.

First Impressions: It’s Not That Bad

Disclaimer: these are FIRST impressions – I just held the phone for a minute, and that’s all. Upon picking up the phone, I immediately checked for all of the things the critics whine about. Yes, the phone felt slightly of plastic. No, it didn’t feel like the plastic/paint was gonna melt/chip/get scratched in my hand. It felt decently solid. No, I didn’t see antenna bands. Yes, the button on the back was slightly rocky, but not terrible. It felt as rocky as the button on my Galaxy S6. I checked for a gap and while I could see a line, there was no major gap. I felt “underwhelmed” from the hype about the negativity. Yes, I noticed some downsides, but I wouldn’t call the LG G5 a “terrible” phone at all. In fact, I started to fall in love with the phone with its cutting edge speeds and dual camera lens.

No, It’s Not Perfect

As I pointed out already, the G5 is not a perfect phone, but what phone is? It’s really the Galaxy S6 of LG, if that makes sense. It has great potential, and while it’s not totally there, it’s perfectly usable. While I would like to have the Galaxy S7, my iPhone crapped out when the S6 was out, so that’s what I bought (and will be using for at least 2 years). Is it as nice as the S7? Of course not! Is it usable? Yes! It’s honestly a great phone. That being said, if you’re far due for an upgrade, I would definitely consider the G5. If you’re wondering if you should pay up and upgrade early, I’d wait for the G6.


If you’re eyeing the LG G5 and are in need of an upgrade, and are ok with the slight downsides listed, go for it! If you are thinking of picking up the G5 but can wait another year, sit it out and pick up the G6.

Kevin Nether