It is nearly that time again when Apple release the new iPhone and it seems that there have already been leaks of the new iPhone and clear renders of the new phone. In this article, I will let you know of what we can see so far from the leaks themselves and what we can expect from the iPhone. We cannot be sure that these leaks are true as there are still around 5 months left till the release but either way here is what we know so far.

Source: @VenyaGeskin1 on Twitter

From this render, we can see what the new iPhone could possibly look like. It seems like the new iPhone slightly looks like the iPod touch 5th or 6th generation. The antennas of the iPhone seem to not go on the back and seem to be on the edges of the phone itself. Looking at the phone from this angle makes the phone seem like it has no protruding camera but we cannot be sure about anything ’til we have the actual release of the phone itself or even get a leak of the phone from another angle. The buttons of the phone seem to be in the same place as the 6 and 6s, but as well as that, the camera seems to be bigger than usual which could indicate a new camera or even a smaller version which could then lead us to believe that this is the rumored iPhone 5se again.

Whatever the leak may be and however convincing the leak may be, we cannot be sure about anything until we actually see the phone get released or we get a release of the phone from different angles. This particular leak does seem believable however.


Article Source: TechnoBuffalo