I’ve never been a fan of cases to be completely honest. It’s true, they do a good job of protecting the phone but sometimes add a lot of bulk. I had a Spigen Slim Armor case on my LG G5 to of course, protect my phone from scratches and drops, but I didn’t really like feeling of the case, so I used to take it off and put it back on a ton of times. I didn’t want my phone to get damaged, but I also didn’t want the added bulk. The Spigen Slim Armor just made the phone feel so much bigger in my hand, which is why I decided to try out the Affinity from Poetic.


It is a clear case made from poly-carbonate but also features shock-proof TPU for drop protection. The case has ridges on the sides which provide a lot of grip and are probably the only reason why I kept using this case for so long. Trust me, I have never used a case for even a week straight, let alone a month. The case has a raised TPU back which keeps the actual poly-carbonate layer from touching any surface. I’ve noticed scratches on the back though, but they are only visible from up close and under bright light. There are of course pros and cons to a clear case, but I think this is the best case I’ve ever used.


For only $11 USD ($17 CAD) I don’t think you can go wrong with Poetic’s Affinity Series. The case has held up really well during my usage, but alongside with the scratches, I’ve noticed that the blue TPU on the bottom is prone to yellowing as it’s in contact with your hand. It’s nothing major and you can’t really notice it, but I just had to get it out there.
There’s nothing else to talk about in a case review as consumers can’t really tell what they think until they’ve actually used the case, but I can assure you that for only $11 you will be protecting your phone in the best way possible, while keeping it thin! They also come in 4 different colours (black, blue, frost, and pink) so you can choose which one will suit you the best!

Here’s the Amazon link so you can read more about the case if you’re interested:

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Kevin Nether