Lenovo took over Motorola a few years ago, and since then hasn’t been doing as well as it used to. In the prime days of Motorola, they were the best phone maker out there. The ‘DROID’ series of phones used to be the best thing you could get, if you had Verizon. So, what has changed? Why are they not making as much progress in the mobile world as before? Can this new modularity phase in phones save them? I hope so.

To me, Motorola held all of my favorite phones for many years. I went from the Motorola Droid (the very first one) all the way to, my last Motorola device, the Motorola Droid Turbo. The Droid 2 and Droid 3 were some of my favorite devices; this was partly due to their top specs, at the time, and keyboard.Even if they are still making Turbo and Maxx devices with top-tier specs, the updates for them are almost non-existent. This keeps me away from those devices.  After their buyout by Lenovo, I didn’t want to get involved with a company that I didn’t know where it was headed.

I skipped the Moto X Pure (or Moto X Style outside of the U.S.). Size was a factor; but the specs just didn’t seem like they were on top anymore. It’s like Motorola… oops, Lenovo… was falling behind. Though affordable, nothing about the Moto X Pure made me jump up and want to buy it. The takeover curse had begun. Not even using their old Motorola naming system could save them.

So, this year we have already seen the new Moto G series. I’m really not sure why they are trying to keep beating the “Moto” naming horse to death, but I guess they hope to get the old sales numbers of past Motorola devices. In reality, the only way to save Lenovo in the mobile phone department is to rename and remodel.

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A partial remodel of the phones is what the leaks are showing us. Modularity is huge right now. LG was the first to do it for the public to buy, with slight success; and we have also seen Project Ara resurface recently with a cool new look, and cool new modules. Will Lenovo be the first to successfully implement modularity, and make it so that it’s actually useable by the average person? If they can do that, they will have no trouble getting back in the game. If they fail, this could be the end of Lenovo in the mobile world.

Let us know what you think Lenovo should do to keep its mobile branch alive. They did pay a decent amount of money to get it, so I’d say they should take all the advice they can get. Also, do you guys think the modularity we’ve seen so far in the leaks will work? Comment below.