If you shoot b-roll of products for videos, you may know that lighting can make or break your shot. Not just video lighting (such as softboxes), but also decorative lighting. This is the cool stuff that may be featured in the background of your video. It may add a pop of color, or other interesting aspect. Let’s kick off the list.

31cfY-3epAL5. IKEA Holmo

The IKEA Holmo is popular in the tech YouTube industry, used by Austin Evans and Zachary Anderson to name a few. It’s a cool fixture, especially if paired with multi-colored bulbs. While it can’t sit on a desk, it could still be in the background, even in the background of your a-roll.




4. LED Glow Ball61xldzlGUDL._SL1500_

This LED Glow Ball can add a pop of color to your shots. While not the prettiest in my opinion, it is a possible way to add an eye catcher to your b-roll. It can change to any color you wish, and the included remote allows you to change colors with ease. For $20, you can’t really go wrong with it.



91-2-RL01jL._SL1500_3. Salt Lamp

Salt Lamps are popular for a good reason: they’re affordable eye candy. Throw it on a desk, plug it in, and you won’t be disappointed. A salt lamp is a great way to bring life to any setup. These lamps even make claims to have health benefits, although, I’m not too sure of that. I personally want to get one simply for looks, whether it’s actually beneficial for your health or not.


2. RGB LED Strip51G9TQz4PBL

If you have a desk setup, this is a must have. The LED RGB Strip Light, by TaoTronics, features 300 LEDS, which can be changed to any color of your liking. Much like the glow ball, it is controlled via an included remote. The strip contains 3M adhesive on the back, although I have heard several complaints of it not being very sticky, so you may want to bring your own adhesive.
81FHGjQzd9L._SL1500_1. Lifx Color 1000 Bulbs

While the previous fixtures were all cool, you just can’t beat the effectiveness and versatility of the Lifx Color 1000 light bulbs. They c
an be inserted in to any standard lamp, and don’t require anything special. The bulbs can be changed to over 16 million different colors via the app. The bulbs connect to your wifi network, so you don’t even need Bluetooth to control them. While pricey, the bulbs are a nice addition to any setup.



Thomas Edison Bulbs

“Thomas Edison” bulbs look very unique. While not bright, the filament gives the bulb a unique look unlike anything else. The bulb is also a power hog, so don’t expect to save on your electricity bill. Regardless, these are nice, decorative bulbs.91tHVnsGx6L._SL1500_

Kevin Nether