For the past few years now, there are reports out there that say that if you sit at your desk most of the day then you are likely to live 1 to 5 years less (tragic I know). Another study suggested by sitting down, you’re crushing your organs so doing this for long periods of time, day-in & day-out can be really bad for you. Our bodies weren’t designed to be crushed.

A lost of jobs nowadays are desk jobs, so you have to sit at a desk to work, but there is a solution for that to help counteract the negative effects on the body.

Apex Desk2

The solution is a standing (or a sit-stand) desk, like the one Kevin has here — The ApexDesk. This one in particular is their Elite Series Desk. This is a motorized desk that has dual motors and this desk gives you the ability to stand or sit while you work. Apex Desk MotorThe motors and other materials are pretty powerful and can hold up to 225 pounds, which should be more than enough for to put your computer, its accessories (if you have any). and any other peripherals that you have on it. This one also measures 71in in length and 33in in depth, that again can be used for any products you have — or to sleep on if you’re that person. The desks highest point is 50 inches and it can go all the way down to 24 inches.

The motors move 1 feet and 3 inches per second, which is pretty fast but not fast enough where your stuff will fall off. The motor is also pretty quiet overall, but you may hear some metal parts moving when it’s being adjusted. The way you adjust the desk is using the up or down arrow
key, and it is very easy to attach the motors because you just have to attach one simple cable.

The desk on the bottom has enough room for cable management and Apex Desk Control Buttonsit even comes with some cable management clips/holes to pass the wires through for the 2 buttons. If you have built furniture from Ikea or somewhere like that before then this desk should not be hard to assemble, just make sure you read the directions to sync up the motors so they will work correctly. It does not require more then 1 person to build this desk, but Kevin recommends 2 people build this so you don’t have to put everything on the ground and flip back and forth.

Overall, the Apex Elite Desk is great and has a solid build. If you are working in a office environment where you have to sit all day then this is definitely a good buy for you. It can be found on Apex Desk Website or on their Amazon Page

Let us know below what you think about this ApexDesk, and whether you think your office’s desk should be replaced with it.