If there’s one thing we as tech enthusiasts and YouTubers tend to do often is show off the new products we have in hand. Through videos and, most often, pictures, we detail everything about the product as visually as we can. Yet, even with all the pictures we take. there are some angles and viewpoints that we just can’t get. That’s where Arqspin comes in to help.

Arqspin is a great manufacturer that produces hardware and software to help get rotating pictures of your favorite products, and put them online for the world to see. The hardware they produce are motorized rotating tables, of various sizes, that automates the turning process or the products while you record. The software part of the company allows you to upload those videos to the internet in the form of interactive pictures. Basically you can use your mouse to turn the pictures to any angle you want (you can practice on the picture below).

The difference sizes of Arqspin’s tables allow for different weight classes of products to rest on them. You can get the tables to hold items as small as phones and other computer parts or as large as adults. The technology in the software allow for the pictures to interactive even on mobile devices as well — quite nifty.

The hardware and software both come at a price though: the tables are available from $100 – $350, while the software comes to us at $20-$200/mo — each have different feature tiers. If you want to check out more about Arqspin check the link below, of course after watching Kevin explain it all more for you.

Buy it here:
24″: http://amzn.to/20JRqSu OR (B&H) http://ktt.ninja/20K3sLR
12″ http://amzn.to/1KZSYG7 OR (B&H) http://ktt.ninja/1Qr0QN1
9″ http://amzn.to/1OkhHj6 OR (B&H) http://ktt.ninja/1Q6xcRv

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Link: Arqspin

Kevin Nether