The ATH-M50X are amazing headphones, and they can be found on hundreds of YouTuber’s desks as well as near the top of the charts on Amazon for being top selling monitoring headphones. Audio Technica is trying to dominate the gaming realm too offering two brand new gaming headsets. Today, we are taking a look at the ATH-ADG1x. These are open back gaming headphones that have a sticker of $300, but are they worth it?


Firstly, these headphones are open air meaning there isn’t a closed back like you see on other headphones. This provides a more natural sound with it coming from around you and they’re also much lighter headphones compared to a typical closed back alternative. These headphones weigh 10.05oz and the closed back versions weigh 11.28oz.

The ATH-ADGIx’s have 53mm drivers and they push out a frequency response of 5 – 35,000 Hz. The connection on the tip of the headphones is a standard 3-ringed 3.5mm jack. It is a pretty long cable at 1.3m and an additional extension adds an extra 2m making the cable long enough for most scenarios.


On the head, they feel great. They’re really light and very comfortable. The open ear design comes into play when gaming for extended periods. Normally when I’m feeling fatigue or starting to sweat, my ears still remain cool when using these. Audio Technica also coined the phrase ‘3D Wing Support System’, which houses the non traditional headband. Some adjustment time will be required but once you have it at a correct fit, the headphones feel great. Their light nature sometimes makes you forget you’re even wearing them.

As far as performance goes, the clarity is top notch. A game we tested with them was Overwatch, as it uses proximity sound nicely. From a distance I could hear Winston’s large thumping steps, and I could also hear Tracer’s pitter-patter of feet. It was great being able to hear such mids and lows at the same time without distortion making the experience great. However there are occasions when highs are completely missed as they tend to be on the quieter side. This is not a big deal but when your intent is to listen out for it, it is noticeable.


The microphone is small and nimble, but sadly not detachable. Sound quality on the microphone is good for a pair of gaming headsets. You can sound a bit bloated at times but it cuts out background noise very well. I feel the sound quality is solid for a gaming headset and there are only a few other gaming headsets that can compare to this in regards to audio quality.


Regardless, the Audio Technica ATH-ADG1x’s are one of my favorites. They are very light, comfortable, and sound really good. At $300, one might consider them a bit on the pricey side especially with rival Turtle Beach headphones available for $100 less however when required, these headphones from Audio Technica can serve for a remarkable music listening experience.

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Kevin Nether