Gang Green may be a rock band for many, but more importantly for this month, it is yet another beast PC build capable of 4K grade gaming. Packing some of the best internals on the market at present in a modern look, how well does Gangrene perform?

For externals, the case used is the Thermaltake CORE X5 Green Riing Edition E-ATX which adds a mean green look to the front and back, coupled with green fans. The Corsair Hydro Series H115i cooler on the front enhances looks further, but the cube like design does make cable management less easy, not allowing for the clean look most other cases allow. A few magnetic LEDs from Bitfenix add flavor to the build, resembling a fish tank in certain situations but where the case really shines is in darker environments.


Powering the machine is the ASUS ATX Motherboard ROG STRIX X99 allowing for next-generation connectivity with support for newer SSDs, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and USB 3.1 Type C. It too comes with RGB lighting of its own, with software to adjust its colors and transitions. The motherboard can accommodate for newer Intel chipsets as well, and powering the show in this case in the 6800K, which offers stock speeds at 3.4GHz with plenty of overclocking possible.


Speaking of speed, four Kingston HyperX Predator SSDs, a Kingston Savage 480GB SSD for extra storage alongside some pretty G-Skill 32GB of RAM are coupled with a MSI Founder’s Edition GTX 1080 graphics card for raw, unadulterated power. All of this wouldn’t be realistic without the Corsair AX760 power supply, which provides 760 Watts of power to this machine.

No PC is good without performance, and this motherboard provides a host of features to enhance it. Supporting XMP (Extended Memory Profiles), it allows users to set custom RAM speeds so that pre-determined speeds via the motherboard do not slow performance down. The BIOS too features a pleasing GUI interface for easy overclocking, allowing speeds up to 4.0GHz. And if that wasn’t sufficient, an AI tweaker found on the “Advanced Tab” features gaming specific overclocking profiles for multi-core CPUs, which allowed a stable speed of 4.4GHz.


For the benchmark lovers, here are a few to judge performance for yourself:

         Average Read/Write Speeds via AS SSD and ATTO Disk Benchmark
Read Speed 1378MB/s
Write Speed 740MB/s


                                           Just Cause 3 (Average FPS Count)
4K 1440p 4K (Overclocked)
50 60 52
                                           Star Wars Battlefront (Average FPS Count)
4K 1440p 4K (Overclocked)
60 60 60
                                           Mirror’s Edge (Average FPS Count)
4K 1440p 4K (Overclocked)
36 58 41

In traditional fashion, watch the video below to see the games in action and judge performance visually:


Almost every game runs smoothly on the build, even at a 4K resolution however for price of this build, its performance is only marginally better than the $1500 build covered a while ago. Although this machine is future proof compared to the previous build in the newer chipset and socket, one might be better off in saving the addition $500.

Kevin Nether