Android users like to explore the Play Store and like the ability to customize their phone at any given time. Some users like the stock experience with a default launcher, while others install their preferred applications and call it a day. But there are many who go all out by installing a third-party launcher and a custom icon pack to start their journey with a new phone.

With Android, users have the flexibility to fine tune their smartphone in any way they like, even allowing users to underclock or overclock processor speeds if need be, and this flexibility is something I really like about the operating system. Keeping things simple, today we will look at 5 of my favorite applications that are worth checking out. They are listed below as direct links to the Play Store for you to download if you like what they offer in my video.

Applications in Order of Appearance Above

Let us know which applications you liked the most in the comments below and stay tuned for more posts like these in the future!

Kevin Nether