It’s summertime, which means traveling, pool parties, going to the beach, and just relaxing and having a good time. I have compiled four of my favorite bluetooth speakers that I can recommend for summer 2016. We have some speakers for traveling, partying, and for the pool or the beach. P1000817

The first bluetooth speaker I will be showing you which is the perfect travel speaker as you can throw it in your backpack easily or even your pocket, this one is the EasyAcc DP100 bluetooth speaker. Now, don’t let its’ size fool you, this speaker really packs a punch and delivers really good sound. And for the price of just above twenty dollars, this is a steal and offers great value. You can purchase this speaker here.


This next speaker is unique, this speaker is a waterproof bluetooth speaker which also delivers great sound, it’s from a company known as 1Byone and it has a nice rubber exterior for drops and falls and is also sealed so it can be submerged in water or splashed with water by the pool or at the beach. This also delivers pretty good sound for a waterproof speaker and for the price, I can highly recommend you pick this speaker up if you spend a lot of time by the pool or at the beach, it is a must have. You can purchase this awesome speaker here.


This next speaker is one of my favorites. Don’t let its’ handheld looking size fool you, this speaker can get extremely loud. It’s from a company known as JBL, they’ve been at it for a while and they know what they’re doing. This speaker has great build quality, a cool light show and a bass that packs a punch, and the volume gets very loud and no distortion. This is a great party speaker and if you wanted to you can use this by the pool as it is also splash resistant. If you plan on partying this summer this can be something to consider to play your favorite songs on. You can buy the Pulse 2 here.


This next speaker is from a company called Samson and it is called the Expedition Escape. This is the party speaker of all party speaker. This goes on a whole other level of loud compared to the Pulse 2. This speaker is  the one if you are throwing a huge outdoor party. It gets loud to the point where I’m afraid it’s too loud for my neighborhood to hear. It has a very long battery life and something that none of the other speakers have is a microphone input for some karaoke. This also has a USB port if you wanted to charge your phone with its’ gigantic battery. This speaker is a party in a box and if you want to party it up this summer, this is the one. You can purchase the Expedition Escape here.

These are some of my favorite speakers for summer 2016, if you have any suggestions for other speakers that should be on this list, be sure to comment them below. Stay tuned to the site for more articles.

Kevin Nether