The Galaxy S7 is built with high quality glass materials. While it is eye candy, it has a weakness. Durability. Give it a good drop, and you’ve shattered your precious device. Cases can fix that, but it’s become such a taxing job to find a quality case. The market is flooded with junk cases, so it’s hard to know which one to buy! The Tech Ninja is here to break down the best cases you can buy. Check out the video below!






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Christian Taylor
Christian Taylor is a tech enthusiast, video producer, graphic designer, journalist, and drummer from Nashville, TN. He makes weekly videos about tech on his YouTube Channel, Drumrocker365. As his username says, he is a professional drummer with a touring band, The Zach Allen Band. Starting his channel in 2011, Christian is experienced in YouTube. He also enjoys programming, and developing websites. He has experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, C#, and PHP. Christian also has an entrepreneurial background, starting his first company, Emerald Hosting, at age 13.