Most phone cases are either thick and protective, or stylish, but offer no protection from drops whatsoever. When I got my new phone a few months ago, I went searching for a solution. I stumbled across Urban Armor Gear, and I’ll never go back.

No, You Don’t Need An OtterBox

I used to be legitimately convinced – I NEED an OtterBox Defender to protect my phone – I hated it. It was ugly, chunky, and the build quality was cheap, but I knew it had worked and I assumed any cases that were thinner, and better looking must have sacrificed protection. With my new phone, I took a risk. I ordered my first UAG case on Amazon, and upon it’s arrival, I was shocked at how thin it was! I wasn’t convinced that a case like that would ever protect my phone. After a few significant drops, I began to see just how protective it could be!

UAGGS7Is UAG Really That Good?

Yep. It’s as good as it sounds. It’s slim, and it’s protective thanks to it’s honeycomb design on the interior. The case has a unique look to it – I fell in love with it as soon as I first set my eyes on it!
The buttons are clicky and tactile, and the port holes are precisely cut. It’s rugged – I’ve put it through a lot, and it’s held up well. The case is available on all flagship smartphones, in many neutral and vibrant colors. From clear, to white, to orange, UAG offers every color you might want!

UAG + SkinomiSkinomiGS7

Most UAG cases do not include a screen protector, and when they do, they are cheapo plastic ones. The one that came with my UAG didn’t even stick on my phone for longer than 5 minutes. I immediately threw it away and replaced it with a much higher quality one. I decided to try out the Skinomi Tech Glass, and I’m blown away! While I have collected a few scratches on it, it’s reasonably scratch resistant, and it’s never cracked! The main thing that impresses me is how accurate your screen looks. The built in plastic screen protector on my OtterBox Defender always made the screen look washed out. I often forget that I have the Skinomi protector installed!

Kevin Nether