A tech reviewer has to film, then edit, and do that over and over again, continuously, to get a good amount of subscribers. If you’re just starting out on YouTube, then all you need is a smartphone and you’re on your road to success. Later on, you can get more equipment like a tripod, slider, mic, and softboxes. These things are not necessarily needed when you start off YouTube, but can be added later on when you establish a good audience. Yet, if you need something for the time being that will not break the bank, then keep reading!


With all that talk, let’s actually get into this process.  The first step to making great videos just off of your smartphone is to download an app dubbed PowerDirector. This app is free in the Google PlayStore, but does include a few in-app purchases. If you’re an iOS user then you can use iMovie, which is hands down the best video editing application that is around (for mobile). If you have a new iPhone (iPad, Mac, or iPod) then you can get the iLife suite for free! These are the cheapest options available. Of course, if you dig deeper you will find some free options but they have cons and don’t give you a lot of flexibility.


Most smartphones today feature OIS, but if you still feel like you need something to stabilize then take a look at the 60-inch AmazonBasics tripod for only $28.99. Now, Rohan in Kevin’s video featured a tripod by a company known as Empire but he got it from a garage sale and I couldn’t really find anything that would be better than this AmazonBasics one. As for lighting, you can use the free rays of the sun. If you really want to get better lighting, then consider buying some lightbulbs (Clamp Light). Another option is getting an LED light from a company known as NEEWER. It’s called the Dimmable Power Panel and can be found here. Audio is the major key for a video! So consider picking up the AZDEN Lav Mic

Recording Process

We will need a video recording app that offers manual controls. Some phones have the manual controls while others don’t. For the phones that don’t have manual video controls, there is an app known as Pro Shot. (For iOS: Cinamatic). Again, these two apps are paid, but there are some great free ones as well (OpenCamera).

A Fair Ending

To be honest, that’s basically all you need and everyone can film a video without spending thousands of dollars on a DSLR and other equipment. If you have any questions and concerns then stop by the comments section below, and view Kevin’s video if you need some more information as Rohan gave some very useful tips and showed off some very inexpensive lenses!


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