The Samsung Galaxy S6 was a stellar smartphone, but there are a few aspects in which Samsung went wrong – one of these being the small, unremovable battery.  Many rumors have been going around that Samsung has learned from their mistake and will be upgrading the battery in Galaxy S7. Well, these rumors may have just became a reality. It has been pretty much confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 (or either the S7Edge) will have a 3600 mAh battery, which is a 800 mAh upgrade from the S6.

How do we know this for sure? Well a recent FCC file for the Galaxy S7 confirms that users of the S7 will no longer have to carry around an external battery or search for an outlet after an hour whereever they go.

S7 Battery Confirmation

This is great to see for just about anyone, but there is still some things left to find out. For one we need to know if Samsung has optimized the software in a way that this upgrade will lead to actually longer battery life. I hate to find out if this phone’s hardware increase was just the result in requiring more power than its predecessor, the Galaxy S6.  Do you think this battery upgrade will give users a longer usage time? Let us know!

Kevin Nether