Samsung is obviously one of the (if not THE) most popular Android manufacturers in the community, and their latest phone(s), the Galaxy S7/Edge, are sure not to be a disappointment. With the Galaxy S7 freshly out of the box, and having been glued to Kevin’s hands ever since then, he’s come to us with a few first impressions of the device in the form of a Day 1 review.

In the video below you’ll be able to see what Kevin thinks of the increased thickness and weight of the S7; how the improved glass really performs compared to last years’ flagships; and software performance of the device — *HINT* it’s super fast and snappy. Of course, with software performance you’ve also got to look at hardware performance and  Kevin’s does so by checking out one of the most sought after phone features to date, the camera.

Along with checking out the camera, which you can add some of your own opinions by checking out the images above, Kevin talks about the speaker which seems to be affected by the new IP68 waterproofing of the device. We need to see Kevin use this underwater for maximum opinion making.

Check out the video below to hear all of Kevin’s first thoughts on the new Samsung Galaxy S7, and let us know how you like yours if you’ve got one or if you’re still thinking of buying one down, below in the comments.

Kevin Nether