Over the years Google has introduced some awesome ways for you to make purchasing Google products more convenient. A couple of years back Google introduced the Google Store where you could buy everything Google like Google Play Edition Devices (#RIP), Android Wear Watches, Chromebooks and much more.

Earlier this week, Google introduced a new category to the store and that is Virtual Reality.


Now this is a very big deal because Virtual Reality was something that only people who are tech savvy knew about. With Google doing this just goes to show how Virtual Reality has evolved to the point where they are trying to make it available to the consumer and not just a piece of folded up cardboard which you put your phone in. There are only a few options that are available to pick from right now, but they will most likely be adding more soon.

If you are fairly new to Virtual Reality then here is a video on my channel you could check out which will show what it is and how it is like.