I love music. The JBL Pulse 2 helps me love my music even more. The JBL Pulse 2 is probably the most unique speaker I have ever used, and I love it.

It sounds great with an amazing punch of bass. The speaker grill itself actually lights up and animates, which is controlled by the JBL connect app. The app is easy to use and controls several aspect of the speaker. The speaker is also splash proof, so over the summer at all your pool parties, don’t be afraid to take out the Pulse 2 to listen to some music. JBL promises 10 hours of battery life, and in the time that I have had it, I can clear that statement as true as I hardly need to charge it.

There are downsides to this speaker that I have noticed: the bluetooth connection and the JBL ‘Prism’ feature, which is supposed to scan a color and make the LEDs shine on the speaker that color.

The bluetooth connection is a downside due to the fact that I can’t even leave a room without it breaking up, while other’s on the market can stay perfectly connected as I move throughout the whole first floor of my house. Now if you can live with using the speaker and having it close to you then this is not a big deal, but if you can’t then this is something to consider.

I’ve had the Pulse 2 for over a month now and every time I try to test out the ‘Prism’ feataure it never works properly and is hard to learn. This isn’t a huge downside to me as I’m already happy with the LED animations and colors, but for someone who’s not happy with the animations and colors, this can be somewhat of a deal breaker for you.

All in all, the positives outweigh the negatives as I have really enjoy the sound quality, light show, and bass. Let me know if you want to have more speaker articles on the site! Stay tuned for more content.

Kevin Nether