Did you know the average cable, internet package deal is over $150 in North America? I’ve cut the cord for almost a year, and let me show you my setup.

Here is some additional information on my cord cutting set up.


Sure, You can use an Amazon Fire Stick, but for optimal results I do recommend using an Nvida Shield. It’s the fastest box around, it has build in Google Assistant and also a premium remote control. It’ll set you back around $180.

A cheaper, but great Alternative

The $70 Mi Box. The Mi Box is an android box that is really great for the price. There are a few compromises but what it lacks in some features, it makes up in performance. You can buy one online, or just pick it up from Wal-Mart.

What about Local Channels?

For local channels – you can use the HDHomeRun Connect. I’ve reviewed the quattro. It allows for 4 devices at the same time accessing that antenna. Works with all major streaming boxes in the market, but also works for mobile too.


Let’s be honest here. There are many ways to get TV on your big screen. Some legal, and some very sketchy.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is $35 a month, and it’s pretty awesome. Quality is pretty great, and the ability to have unlimited DVR that is basically autonomous is pretty slick.   You can sign up here. 

Sling TV

Sling TV is a great option too, with flexible plans starting at $20.

Here is an up to date spreadsheet on the popular streaming services, price, and features. 

Software That May Not Be 100% Legal.


I HIGHLY recommend using a VPN if you are going to go the SET TV, Kodi, or Terrarium Route. Create an account, sign up, install the application on fire stick, or shield and get signed in before accessing the sites below.  Start here.


SetTV is one of those shady services I mentioned before. Its IPTVservice that their website says it’s %100 legal. For $20 a month you get access to 500 channels, including PPV, HBO, NBA League Pass, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, etc. Sounds too good to be true? Well – that’s why it’s shady. HOWEVER – the service works really well. And you can try it free from this link here. 

Kodi (Incursion Plug In)

Kodi is VERY popular in the cord cutting community. Today we’re going to focus on the Incursion Plug-in. It’s a plug in that lets you access TV shows and Movies. On Average after an hour of airing the TV shows appear on Incursion. You need the Kodi application first, and then add the plug in.  Here is guide on how to get Kodi on your first stick. (For NVidia Shield owners you can install it via the PlayStore). How to install incursion plug in to get access to the shows and movies.

Terrarium “The New Kodi”

Terrarium is amazing. I didn’t get a chance to add it into the video since I did not test it out 100%. However after using it for a week it’s amazing. You have an app for Android, and you can “cast” it to your TV. It’s super fast, and a great UI. Check it out here. 

No matter which option you choose, you always have a chance to save money on your bill. And if you choose to go down one of the shady routes, make sure you sign up for a VPN Service to stay protected. 


Kevin Nether