It’s been 24 hours since I received the HTC 10 and this has given me enough time to play around with it, and generate a first impressions on the device. One of my favorite parts of the device is the camera which we will be looking at today.

The camera for both photo and video is of a very high quality, even the front facing shooter  isn’t left out of the fun. The rear facing camera rocks a 12 mp, f/1.8, laser auto focus, HTC UltraPixel 2, and optical image stabilization enabled lens and it is phenomenal. The auto focus is spot on, I can snap pictures with ease and never miss a quick moment again with this camera. I’m also glad HTC adopted these features which has been seen previously on LG devices like the G4 and G5.

The front is also awesome as well, it’s a 5 mp shooter with f/1.8 and again optical image stabilization. Through all of my testing, it performed awesome as well.

Now you are probably wondering why I’m hyping up optical image stabilization so much, well that’s because it is so amazing. You can take videos and this feature in the camera does a brilliant job on making sure the camera looks nice and smooth. This is a big deal that many consumers with little-to-no video experience will know and love, as it will make their videos look nice and smooth.

All my testing of the HTC 10’s wonderful cameras has been done in auto mode, and through my testing, auto actually does a pretty nice job. It does such a good job, that if you were to put a picture from the HTC 10, side by side with my Panasonic G7, there would be very subtle differences.

Overall, HTC knocked it out of the park this year in terms of camera design, and it paid off well. They are killing it with their new flagship device in terms of specs and camera performance as the last couple years amy have been let downs. Stay tuned for more HTC 10 coverage from the site and check out my video dedicated to the camera down below!

Kevin Nether