When I wrote about the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 yesterday, IP68 certification was one of the biggest between the two devices. I said this certification by no means meant that the Galaxy S7 could survive under any “extremely wet” circumstance, but T-Mobile may have proven me wrong just a little bit.

Just a day after the unveiling of the Galaxy S7, it has received a glorious unboxing treatment underwater from T-Mobile. The video goes over most of the S7’s and S7 Edge’s important features all underwater —  there are captions included if you don’t understand fish speak. You can check out the video below:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has already shaken up consumers with the features it’s offering this year, making it quite a compelling option for many on the lookout for a new smartphone. Our very own Kevin shared his thoughts on the device going as far as labeling the Galaxy S7 as the “best phone of 2016”.

Do you agree with what Kevin says? Or do you share a different opinion? Do let me know by dropping a line in the comments!


Kevin Nether