Kingdom Hearts has been a beloved game since it was originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Square Enix, the creators of Kingdom Hearts, has sold over 25 million copies of the series. It should be no surprise that in this day in age Square Enix wants to make their successful franchise as accessible as possible.

Square Enix went to work on creating a mobile experience for lovers of Kingdom Hearts. This came to fruition when an exclusive Kingdom Hearts game was released for Verizon customers on their VCast service back in October of 2004. It would appear that that wasn’t good enough for Square Enix. They started work on a new game that would tell the story of the events prior to the Keyblade war.

The game I’m referring to is Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X. Unchained X is now available on both iOS and Android through their respective app stores. The game lets you play as your favorite Disney characters and battle the darkness. You can customize your avatar by changing their appearance and outfits, collect character medals, play with other friends and battle in the Olympus Stadium.

Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X is available for free on both app stores, with some in app purchases if you so choose. Download from the Google Play Store here and from the App Store here. Take a look at the launch trailer below. Will you be playing Square Enix’s new game?


Kevin Nether