I am the type of person who plays simple and addicting games to pass the time on my smartphone and while there are many out there, the 5 outlined below have stood out to me for the month of March:

  1. 2048

The simple aim of making the 2048 tile using multiples of two, makes the game sound a lot easier than it is. In addition to the classic mode, the game includes an X-Tile mode, a survival mode, as well as a practice mode both available in 4×4 and 5×5 grid sizes. The multiplayer mode isn’t great, while the challenges mode in the game isn’t something I have extensively played.

2. Arrow

The modern day snake. Arrow is another endless game where you take control of an arrow through an obstacle course, collecting “food” and jewels along the way. The arrow and background can be upgraded with the help of the jewels collected within the in-game store.

3. One More Line

Definitely the least impressive of the lot, this game is a simplistic game where the aim is to draw as many lines as you can when controlling your character. The dynamics in the game make it different from the rest, but the limited functionality and modes left me wanting more from this game.

4. ZigZag

Different from all the line talk, ZigZag is a game that revolves around controlling a ball over a levitating platform, with the speed and intensity of the game getting higher as you progress further. The jewels collected on the way can be spent on customizing the look of the ball, just like with all the other games.

5. Color Switch

My favorite of the lot, Color Switch, aims to bring both an endless and an objective game into one. Most of my time goes into playing the endless mode of the game, where the aim is to get a ball over an infinite obstacle course, responding to changes in your character’s appearance. The game requires a lot of timing and is definitely something you probably won’t master in just a few tries. The stars collected while progressing can also be redeemed for character customization just like in the previous games.

These brief descriptions do not convey the full story and if you want a detailed overview on all the games, you may want to check out my video below. Also, I’ll be doing these on a monthly basis so look out for the next one in April. Post your high-scores and other game suggestions in the comments section below if you think I missed any and would like to see me cover them in the next video.

Kevin Nether