Having used a large amount of GoPro mounts, I thought it was time to compile a ‘Top 5’ list of my favorite mounts!

5. Smatree SmaPole S1SmatreeSmaPoleS1
This is the first selfie pole for the GoPro that I ever received, and it’s still my favorite. It has a high quality metal build, low price tag, and included metal thumbscrew, and thumbscrew wrench, all of which make it great bang for your buck. At only $25.99, it’s a must have for any GoPro user!



4. Smatree SmaPole F1

Another SmaPole? Yes. This one is meant to be a hand grip. It’s a durable, carbon fiber build. I used it on my vacation for a whole week, and I absolutely loved it. It’s unique, as the traditional GoPro grip has rubber on the handle, this is bare metal, but I didn’t mind at all. Once again, it includes Smatree’s signature aluminum thunbscrew and wrench. For $21.99, definitely pick one up!


3. GoPro Suction Cup MountGPSuctionCup

I’m not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this one. I’m gonna mount some cheap suction cup to my expensive car, and it’s gonna grip on when I’m going 70MPH? Haha, right. That’s what I said, until I tried it for myself. The mount really works! This is a super versatile and strong mount for a lot of things, but it’s best used on a car. It allows you to get those sick car shots that you sometimes see in videos. Check it out!

GoProHeadstrap2. GoPro Headstrap Mount

At only $7.99, this mount is the most budget-friendly mount on this list, but it doesn’t make any compromises. It’s super comfortable on the head and it has anti-slip grippers lined on the inside to ensure it stays well on your head. I’ve even put it over a sports helmet when I went white water rafting – it stayed on like a champ! As a bonus, GoPro also includes the “Quick Clip,” a clip for the bill of your hat.

1. GoPro Handlebar MountGPHandlebar

I use this mount religiously, whether it’s mounting to a pole, rail, or other “pole-like” object. I wasn’t sure how often I would use it when I picked one up, but it’s easily become my most frequently used mount! It’s awesome for so many things, so go grab one!



Honorable Mention

While they didn’t make the list, you can’t beat good ol’ sticky mounts! They’re cheap, and extremely versatile.

Check out my video version below!

Kevin Nether