If you know anything about YouTube, you may have observed that they are always on the cutting edge of technology. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Google is it’s parent. From supporting 8K resolution to 360-degree video, YouTube has some majorly high tech features.

The “Next Big Thing” is Here

nokia-ozo-hero-lgYouTube just introduced 360-Degree live streaming. What? Yes. You heard right, and you aren’t tripping. YouTube now supports VR streaming. So you can look around the room as you watch live streams. Cool, huh? If you’re not familiar with VR on YouTube, take a look at this video.

But Who Even Has a 360 Camera?

Well, not many people at this point. While YouTube doesn’t expect the service to be widely adopted, it’s still cool to have. They have always been about adding new, high tech features – even if they don’t make any sense (*ahem* 8K resolution).

Can I Watch Any 360 Streams?

Yes, if you’re lucky enough to find any. YouTube was doing streams over on Coachella, but I’m not aware of any future streams that are scheduled.

But Wait, There’s More!

YouTube also introduced Spatial Audio, which allows you to experience sound as you do in real life. Giving depth, distance, and intensity. You can try spatial audio on Android here.

Kevin Nether