The television industry is one that is progressing rapidly with the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas introducing the very first roll-able televisions. But at times, progression is not always a good thing. Remember the TV’s that had LED lights installed along their rear side? No? Yeah me neither. Their exclusivity and cost really did not allow that TV idea to take off.

But with DreamScreen, that has changed. The DreamScreen makes it possible to have LED lights along the rear side of any TV, simply by plugging the lights into a HDMI port on the TV. It comes in various sizes and you can buy one depending on how large your TV is.


At this stage, if you’re thinking this is just to decorate your TV, you’re wrong. The lights glow depending on what and where the picture on the TV is situated and this results in a very immersive experience as you can see from Kevin’s video. There is also an application that can be installed on your Android or iOS smartphone with which you can control the lights wirelessly. The lights are neither too distracting nor are they too subtle and this is why such a small addition to your TV can impact greatly how you view the pictures on the biggest screen in the house.

There is no doubt this is a must have addition to your living room judging from the way the Kickstarter campaign is currently going. If you are interested in grabbing one or two for yourself you can do so at discounted prices from here, because the prices are bound to go up once the DreamScreens hit the public.

Kevin Nether