HTC is not too far from announcing the new HTC M10. As always before a smartphone launch, we get leaks and other things to go along with it. We have recently seen some HTC wallpapers that might be the real deal.

These wallpapers are very colorful and are of very high quality, especially seeing that they have a resolution of 2880 x 2560, which is QHD — So maybe the HTC M10 might have a QHD screen? We won’t really know just yet, and  have to wait for a couple of days until HTC announces the HTC M10.

On the bottom I have put some of my favorite wallpapers, though we have 13 wallpapers that we have found so far. Definitely lets us know what you think of these wallpapers down below and also let us know if you will be rocking one on your device.  Here’s the link so you can download the wallpapers: Download Link