Apple MacBook Air and Pro laptops are used quite often by people, but it has been some time since Apple had upgrades this line up and there were rumors that the Pro may be upgraded, which has prevented some people from purchasing any of these. However, this August, it is possible that Apple may release both the MacBooks or it could even be that in WWDC, both these could be announced.

There has been a rumor that Apple may be discontinuing the 11 inch version of the MacBook Air and instead upgrade the 13 inch and release a new 15 inch to go along with the Pro line up. It may be that these both have similar designs to the newly released MacBook and sport a slimmer body and design, and to accompany this, there will be a USB-C port instead of the current USB-A. This also means that the keyboard could be similar to the 12 inch MacBook, which is good ina a way so that the slim design works out, but some find that the responsiveness may be worse. Both the 13 inch and newly rumored 15 inch will feature these.

With this new Air being very similar to the 12 inch MacBook, Apple may release the Air for the people who like the design of the MacBook but want it in a bigger size.

Also, the MacBook Pro, which there have been various rumors about, will possibly release in WWDC, as we have been receiving rumors of the design of the MacBook here and there, caught on camera. It is likely that Apple will announce this laptop in WWDC. The MacBook Pro is supposedly going to be better, sporting four USB-C ports, which is a big improvement to the 12 inch MacBook with only 1 USB-C port, a slimmer design, although most people do like the design of the current MacBook as if it gets slimmer, there is a possibility that the hardware is not as good as the current model. Apple may be improving the Retina screen quality or even the screen themselves, to be better than they are.

With the new releases of both the MacBook Air and Pro, we may even be seeing some color choices, probably of Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. This will be nice to see as with the current model, there are no color choices and some are not happy about that, especially as it is available with the 12 inch MacBook. All will possibly revealed in WWDC, depending on what Apple do, and either way, we are expecting something big from Apple with these new MacBooks. We will be expecting a lot from the MacBook Air and Pro.

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