Simple Deliveries is a Kickstarter project which aims to create an app with which you are able manage all your deliveries and track them. This app aims to allow ease for managing any orders or deliveries from any courier.

You can track packages from many different couriers and it’s all simply done by entering the tracking number of the item. Once you have entered the tracking number, the app will automatically find all the details of the item and also where it is. There may be a few other apps that do this but this app is unique as it doesn’t display all of the information. It displays the key details needed and then you have the option to press a button which will let you know of all other details. 544060e41303d57a730b035d4fea0394_original

There are many features that make this app worth it. One of the main features is that you will receive notifications if there is an update on the journey of the item and so you don’t always need to open the app. Another great feature is that you can share to your social media or contacts as to where your delivery is on its journey and if they also have the app, they will get updates on the delivery as well. Not only this, but you can customize the app to adapt the experience that you want by a few tweaks that can be found in the settings.

Something that Simple Deliveries does take into mind is privacy. They are aware that in this world and age, privacy is really important for many people. They will provide you with the safest experience with their app and ensure that your data is secure.

The app itself is available on various different platforms which include:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web Browser
  • Android Wear
  • Apple WatchOS



If you think that this is a great idea and would definitely like for this app to release, then do consider backing this Kickstarter project by clicking on the link that follows: Let me know down below if you would try this app.