If you’re familiar with Internet Service Providers (also known as ISPs), you might cringe at any mention of “Comcast” or “XFINITY.” Comcast’s flagship service, called XFINITY, has improved greatly over many years, but is it really any good?

The Age Old Problem With Comcast

In the past, the main problem with Comcast was their price and customer service. Let’s start with prices. They find a way to sneak a fee in to everything, charging $50 for setup, $50 per month for unlimited bandwidth, etc. In addition, I’ve never been happy with their customer service. It always takes longer than it needs to, and the representatives never have enough knowledge on my problem or request.

Comcast Is Improving On Those Things

Believe it or not, Comcast is getting more reasonable on some things, starting with increasing the data cap from 300GB to 1024GB. While I still wish it was unlimited at no extra charge, this shows that Comcast is starting to open up about fixing what their customers are complaining about. As far as customer service, unfortunately it hasn’t been so good for me recently.

The Service Is Solid

Yep. I’m surprised myself. In my recent experience with Comcast, the service is SOLID. I pay for 250Mbps down on internet, and I can get 220Mbps down in a speed test (during low traffic hours). So far, the internet has been very reliable as well. For TV, the signal is very solid, showing little compression. My only complaint is the sluggish X1 box. Scrolling through the guide will lag at times, and playing and pausing shows always takes a few seconds – annoying!

The Cherry On Top

Comcast really wants you as their customer, and that’s why they tempt you with the additional cherry on top. By giving you the ability to watch recorded, on demand, and live shows from anywhere via the XFINITY TV app, it’s tempting not to switch! In addition, they offer many other tempting features, such as the ability to check your voicemail on the go, and the ability to log on to any XFINITY WIFI hotspot at no additional charge. These are the main features that keep me wanting to stay with Comcast.

So, Would You Recommend Comcast Over Other ISPs?

For me, I’m stuck with Comcast. They are the only ISP where I live, so it’s them or nothing. In an experience in my previous house, I would never recommend Comcast. It was absolutely awful. However, my new experience is changing that opinion. So far, Comcast has been satisfactory, and I have to openly say, I may stay with them even if other ISPs come to town. They’ve been legitimately impressive lately!


Does XFINITY suck? No! It’s a very competitive option in my opinion. While it’s not perfect, and it has it’s downsides, XFINITY is solid enough to be your full time ISP and cable provider.

Kevin Nether