The Amazon Echo, a highly anticipated piece of tech out in the market, wasn’t originally planned to be sold at such a high price. Amazon were going to sell the Amazon Echo for an incredible low price of $50, which they astonishingly didn’t do as it could have driven them to get higher sales for this device. Not only that, but Amazon were even planning to get rid of the Echo and not launch it in the end.

Bloomberg has reported that the Amazon Echo was having hard times in one of Amazon’s secret hardware labs (Lab 126)with issues of the development of the device itself. During development, the Amazon Echo was actually going to be called the Amazon Flash, apparently Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was in favor of that name, some engineers though confronted Bezos and urged him to reconsider the name of the device.

The price of the Amazon Echo was expected to cost $50 by the engineers, but they had realized that the processing power in the device was not enough to use the Echo. The engineers then, had realized that the target was not attainable by them, and so was increased to $180 by Amazon. Anyhow, despite what Amazon had gone through with this device, they were able to create something incredible, and one of their best products (series) by far. As well as that, Alexa is one of the smartest assistants and is getting smarter by the day as it has learned over 500 skills so far from its existence.

The Amazon Echo is much bigger than it was when it first launched and it is getting bigger by the day. People are starting to use the devices more often to do things like turning lights on, getting information from the internet, listening to music, and much more. If you would like to invest in a smart assistant too, then click on the link below and check out the product.

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