If you’re somewhere in the United states, and want the HTC 10, you should continue reading so we can provide you with that information! Here we’ve gathered two places where you can pick up a HTC 10. You can either buy it from HTC’s website or you can pick one up on Verizon’s website. Keep in mind that each website has its own pros and cons, which I’ll let you know below.htc-10-news_1726-1500x1000

First is that if you buy from HTC, you’ll have a SIM-unlocked device that can be used with T-Mobile or AT&T — or any other GSM-compatible carrier. As soon as you get this device you wont need a unlock code or anything of that sort, you will just need to pop in your sim and thats it! So that alone makes it worth buying directly from HTC compared to Verizon where you will be stuck with Verizon’s network until you get it unlocked.

Another pro when buying this incredible device directly from HTC, is that you wont get any sort of carrier bloatware. As seen on the major carriers like Verizon, you usually get a lot of unnecessary carrier bloatware that, in times, can get very annoying. Both reasons alone, make me want to buy the phone directly from HTC, but there’s a catch! Verizon-iPhone-APN-Settings

If buying this device directly from HTC’s website, you will have to wait until sometime in May to get this device shipped. With Verizon, you will be able to order it starting on April 29, which means there’s a pretty good chance you might be able to receive it earlier. Another good reason why you should consider getting this device with Verizon, is if  you switch your service to Verizon’s, they are willing to throw in three free months of HBO NOW, and will also be willing to pay up  to $650 dollars to pay off your old contract.

This has been some reasons why you should consider either option, though if we get any sort of new information we’ll make sure to keep you guys updated. Now we’re still waiting on more information from T-Mobile and Sprint (unfortunately AT&T won’t be selling the phone) so keep that in mind. That pretty much wrap’s up this article! We are definitely interested in knowing your guys’ thoughts on the HTC 10 down below in the comment section.