Today, Google has released the Android N Preview to download for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. This release had not been expected and is still very much in alpha. With the new release, several new features have been introduced which make Android much better to use.

What is new with Android N?

With the new release, Android has seen a few significant changes to it. One of the major features is the multi-window support, with which you can open two apps at once and use them at the same time. This isn’t something new to Android itself, but new to stock Android and something that many customers have wanted to see on devices other than Samsung.

Another major feature that has been added is the notifications enhancement. What Google has done is to change the template of the notification bar but even more than that, there is a new open API that allows you to directly reply to any app (that has the API implemented) when you receive it in the notification bar of your phone.

There is also a new Data Saver feature which allows you to save data when you are using the Internet, social media, or anything else on the go. This new feature means that background apps that tend to use data have been blocked and Android signals the apps to use less data when the user is using that app. Helpful for all of you out there on limited data plans.

One other major feature is a updated Doze. You may often find that when the device is idle and you are not using it, background apps tend to use battery. Doze applies restrictions to apps and so the user can save battery life especially when they are not using the phone, but now instead of having to be idle (as such with Marshmallow) the phone just has to be off.


Downloading the Preview

Many of you might be wondering how to get the preview as you would like to test out the new features that come with Android N and to see how good it is. If that is the case, then visit the link below and follow all the steps that Google give you so that you do not brick your phone. Keep in mind that Android N is still in alpha and will have a few bugs.

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