If you’re with T-Mobile and have a LG V1O, get ready because Marshmallow should be coming your way pretty soon. According to the Senior Product Manager Des Smith, Marshmallow should arrive on the V10 sometime in the beginning of next week.

Marshmallow will bring many new features to the v1o like Doze mode which is one of the many new features wanted on a android device. There hasn’t really been a more exact time frame for this update but when it does rolls out we’ll keep you guys updated on that.

lg-v10Once T-mobile brings this great new update to the v10, T-Mobile will become the second major U.S. carrier to bring Marshmallow to the V10. Overall this new update has got  everyone very excited, and we can’t wait to personally get it on ouw own personal devices. Though we definitely want to hear from you guys down below in the comment section. Are you guys excited for this new update?