Weather Apps. They may seem boring, but the weather app you rely on can make or break your experience. It needs to have a clean interface, reliable information, and send warnings as needed. There are tons of weather apps on the market, but today I’ll be breaking down a few of my favorites. All of these apps are available on both iOS and Android.

Screenshot_20160816-195620Dark Sky.. Well.. Nevermind

I used to love Dark Sky. It was a unique app, boasting the ability to tell you the exact minute it would rain. There was one problem, though, and that was it wasn’t very accurate. For that reason, I deleted the app from my phone. When writing this article, I thought of the app and dug it up again, and that’s when I learned it now costs $2.99 per year to access the features that used to be free.. lame!

The free version is decent, but to even get severe weather alerts (and rain alerts), you need the paid version. $2.99 a year isn’t all that much, I suppose, and you can try it out for 2 weeks for free. Just make sure you cancel your trial if you don’t like it, as it auto renews after 14 days. I definitely can’t recommend the free version of this app as a reliable, and credible weather app.

The Weather ChannelTWCSC

The Weather Channel app is a very solid option for your daily weather app. It’s clean, and it has a big, bold font. It is supported by ads, but they aren’t too intrusive. It gives a lot of information, such as hourly forecasts, pollen count, health information, and even road information. It can send severe weather alerts, and it also includes a radar with future cast.

When you’re not around your mobile devices, you can also access the online version at Did I mention there is also a TV channel?



Screenshot_20160816-204402My Personal Favorite: Wunderground

I’ll get right to it. I love Wunderground. It’s a nerd’s dream, with a super clean UI. Not only does it provide more information than you know what to do with, it also has a modern UI. As soon as I saw the graph, I was hooked. I love seeing the graph of the temperature and chance of precipitation. The app also includes sun and moon information, health information, and more. You even have the option to re-Screenshot_20160816-204415order the sections of the app. The app is ad-supported, with the option to remove ads for $1.99 per year. You can access the online version at The app has severe weather alerts, as you would expect.

But Wait, There’s More!

Don’t you love when I say that? I’ll stop teasing, there really is more! Wunderground’s companion app, Storm, is a next-level radar app. It features a high quality radar with advanced storm tracking features. It is also ad-supported, but linked to your Wunderground account, so when you remove ads on one app, they are also removed on the other app. I love Wunderground, and I would recommend it to everyone!


No matter which weather app you choose, pick what makes you comfortable! For me, having reliable information, severe weather alerts, and a clean UI that is easy to understand is important.

Kevin Nether