Google has been slowly changing the look and feel of its lineup of services by introducing its Material Design aesthetics it revealed about two years ago. It seems that the design is moving to Chrome. As Google designer Sebastien Gabriel details on Dribbble, a new design is rolling out on Chrome OS as part of the latest update (version 50). Things don’t look really different apart from a few visual changes to the overall User Interface. Visible are sharper edges, tweaked colors, altered animations, and much more. It would definitely take you by surprise if it showed up on your window but you’d know what to do straight out.

Eventually, the Material Design changes will also make its way to Chrome on the desktop. Gabriel says that they’re a “work in progress,” though there isn’t a firm release date just yet. That said, you can already start to try it out. If you’re willing to put up with a few bugs, you can activate an early version of the design changes by going to “about:flags” in Chrome’s address bar, and then activating “Material design in the browser’s top chrome.”

Gabriel published a number of examples of Material Design inside Chrome OS. You can see a handful of them below. Check them out and let us know about your thoughts



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