Following their keynote, Apple has launched a new tool on their website allowing customers to alter their Apple Watch’s appearance, including its case, band and face prior to making a purchase. If you’re unaware, Motorola was one of the first companies to introduce a similar feature in the Moto Maker tool, and Apple have now followed suit. The feature may have been long overdue but with its introduction, consumers will find browsing through the hundreds of combinations the Apple Watch offers a lot easier before ordering their personalized watch.

Calling it an “Interactive Gallery”, new web tool is designed to be very intuitive and graphical, allowing customers to make accurate decisions about their purchase. You can have a go at designing your own Apple Watch here.


But with all the promise, there is a slight catch with their system. Instead of putting all the custom parts chosen into your cart and redirecting you to checkout, you’re required to separately access Apple’s store online and find your choices for the Apple Watch there to make your purchase. The tool does show promise but it lacks the automation we’re used to seeing from Apple but I’m sure it will improve as more consumers use it.


Kevin Nether