Reports had been circulating that Facebook users have stopped sharing unique content lately, largely due to the fact that they can just share posts off of others, however Facebook seemed quite adamant against this. Apparently, Facebook is now developing a new camera app to convince people to share more photos and videos on the social network, The Wall Street Journal reported recently.

Facebook’s new camera app apparently opens straight to the camera viewfinder, just like Snapchat. It may seem like a small feature, but it’s actually a huge attracting point for Snapchat. The less number of steps it takes for a person to share something, the more likely they are to do so. The app apparently encourages you to post more often while also making it easy to quickly snap a video or record a video without navigating through menus and pressing a bunch of buttons first.


The new app would also add weight to Facebook’s latest killer feature, live streaming, which Snapchat still doesn’t offer. Media companies and celebrities are rushing to embrace the new service, and a camera-focused app could encourage even more people to start streaming. (Sounds familiar? Yeah it’s called Periscope)

Facebook is quite famously known to create knockoffs of other widely popular social media services. It had introduced Facebook Camera to replicate the success that Instagram was having, however ultimately ended up buying the entire Instagram business after it failed. Facebook has also previously tried to take on Snapchat with a service called “Poke” and the “Slingshot” app — that didn’t show the viral success Snapchat had.

Wall Street Journal notes however, that this new app is still in the early phase of development and may never get see light at the end of the tunnel. Although, if the rumored Facebook camera ever does hit the market, would it could mean trouble for the current viral sensation Snapchat?

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Kevin Nether