Quite recently, we had a glimpse of what the iPhone 7 could look like without a headphone jack, and the possible design of the iPhone 7, with a dual camera on the back. But now, we have received photos that have been leaked of the alleged iPhone 7 design. These leaks seem to show something different to the renders we have been receiving, especially as we see what they are going to remove.


From the photo above, we get an overview of the back of the phone and what it could look like, but the camera seems to be different to the renders and other leaks. It is big enough for a camera sensor to fit in, but this camera sensor may be bigger than others, due to the fact that the camera hole cutout is bigger than others. The other cutout is for the flash, which is to be a dual tone, as seen with the iPhone 6 and 6S. With a bigger sensor, we could see something new, and that is a better camera, which could be created to beat what flagships of 2016 can take. However, we have no clue as to the size of the body, and the antenna seems to be what we expected.

The image that gives us a view of the bottom of the iPhone 7 gives us a hole for the lightning port, which is normal, however, instead of seeing a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, we see too speakers. With the two speakers either side of the port, it will mean that the sound given out from the phone is much louder. But with the new phone, there is the sacrifice of the headphone jack, which is what all headphones use, and so unless we see a lightning port to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, then the headphones that everyone uses will not work with it. Despite there are disadvantages, the reason for this could be to encourage people to stop using headphones whilst charging, as it could be dangerous doing these two tasks simultaneously.

From what we can see from the leaks, some of what we have heard about seem to appear on the phone, however things such as the dual camera have not be implemented, but we cannot totally believe these leaks, until we see the phone at release. Until then, let the leaks and rumors continue.