Our new “Stories We Might Have Missed” segment includes stories that we’ve seen around the week that didn’t quite make it into our main posts this past week. At the end of each bullet there should be a source link for our information where you can go grab more details. Enjoy!

Google Might Be Building a Rival to Amazon Echo

Rumor has it that Google might be building a rival to Amazon’s Echo. Google already has a knack for listening and responding (as seen on Google Now currently), so it would only make sense that Google would want to create a smart assistant to put in your house. The Information reported that Google is indeed working on this project and that Nest wanted to join in. According to The Information‘s report, Nest was turned away. It would be nice to see Google take on the Echo. Take a look at the full report here.


Samsung Accidentally Announces Android N’s Version Number

Samsung posted their release notes for their MultiWindow software and accidentally announced Android N’s version number. While we still don’t have a name for Android N, we now know (thanks to Sammy) that Android N is version 7.0. Samsung states that “this version has been released with Android N(7.0) compatibility”. Take a look at the release notes here.


Amazon Announces a New Kindle

Amazon has released some information on their new Kindle named “Oasis”. It is lighter and smaller than its Kindle brethren. It features a handy grip that works for left handers or right handers by simply flipping the device around. It measures just 3.4mm thin, weighs in at 4.6oz and has two buttons on the back for flipping pages. The Oasis boasts a 300ppi Paperwhite display and lighting on the side so that you don’t have to worry about where you read. The Oasis will set you back $289 for its WiFi version and $359 for the 3G version. Take a look at some pictures of the Oasis here.


Samsung Might Include Water Resistance in Galaxy Note 6

According to SamMobile, Samsung is looking to include water resistance in the form of an IP68 certified body to the Galaxy Note 6. Rumor also has it that Samsung’s newest addition to the Note series will feature an Iris Scanner. This part of the rumor comes as part of an import notice. For more information take a look here




Google Calendar Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Google Calendar now supports your goals! Google has updated their Calendar app to allow you to set goals and achieve them. You set the goal, answer some easy questions and then Google Calendar takes care of the rest. It looks into your calendar and determines the best time for your goal to be achieved. Calendar will also reschedule your goal if you have something that is going to conflict with it. Download the Google Calendar app for iOS and Android.


HTC Wants to Boost Your Phone’s Performance

If you’ve noticed that your device’s performance has been lackluster, then this app is for you! HTC has released an app, called Boost+, on the Google Play Store to help you boost your device’s performance. It deletes cache, installers and advertising clutter. It also frees up your device’s memory and helps you delete applications that you haven’t used in a while. On top of it all, HTC’s Boost+ app also lets you lock apps that contain your personal information. It’s currently in beta (except on HTC’s devices), but it already has a 5 star rating on the Google Play Store. To download Boost+ from the Google Play Store, click here.


Microsoft Word Flow Enters Beta on iOS

Microsoft has developed an unconventional, but very functional keyboard and they’re bringing it to iOS. The keyboard, named Word Flow, uses predictive text and error correction to help you type more accurately. Word Flow has custom backgrounds so that you can make the keyboard yours. What’s more, the keyboard has a mode that is shaped like an arc to make one-handed typing a whole lot easier. Word Flow is in a closed beta on iOS, so you won’t be seeing it on your device just yet. Take a look at some of the images of the Word Flow here.


Kevin Nether