These are the Top Free Android Apps for the month of May!

Slice - Authentic local pizza - a good pizza is great, but there’s one problem: how do you find good pizza? Sure, there are big chains like pizza hut or dominos, but if you want to experience truly local, next-level pizza, where do you go? Slice is an app that allows you to find local pizza places! You can even order custom pizzas right from the app. Slice makes it easy to add your own toppings and place the order from right in the app. Since slice is new, it may not have many local options if you live in a rural area.

Bard - Video Assembler - have you ever wanted to take a video from your favorite YouTuber or celebrity and chop up the words to assemble a sentence? Me neither.. Just in case you do, Bard is a fun, quirky app that allows you to upload any video (or use the search for publicly available videos) and will identify what words are said in the video. After that, you can simply search for the words to form your sentence, and go to town. Just be careful how you use this.

BREAKFINITY - we all know the simple “bounce the ball to break the bricks” game, but BREAKFINITY adds a simple twist to this classic. The main concept is this: the bricks will move towards you as you play the game. This makes the game more challenging, while still preserving the original character of the game.

Bitesnap - Photo Food Journal - have you ever wanted to track calories, but don’t want to go through the hassle of remembering what you ate? Bitesnap allows you to track food by taking pictures of it. With one snap of your dish, it can identify ingredients and help you add meals to your log. It’s important to note that since it’s new, it’s not the most accurate. There’s definitely room for growth, but it’s worth a shot, and it’s a great idea!

Cornerfly - rounded corners on screens are pretty unpopular now days. Unless you have a Xiaomi Mi Mix, chances are that your phone screen does not feature rounded corners. While they are unpopular for hardware, rounded corners add a cool flare to your phone. Cornerfly is a free app that draws over your screen to create the effect that your screen has actual rounded corners! It works perfectly, but I will mention that it works best on black phones. I tested it on my white phone, and it looked a little funky, since you could see the black part in each corner.

Email - Fast & Secure Mail (by EasyDo) - finding a simple, free, elegant email app can be challenging. The app offers basic tasks such as swipe to delete or archive. The app also advertises having a built in “assistant,” similar to the smart features of Inbox by Google. This is a great and free app to have all of your emails accessible in one place!

Bottle Flip Challenge 2 - this game is addicting and simple! Your objective is to flip different types of bottles. It’s about as accurate as in real life - it takes some skill to accomplish. Check it out!

Apartment List - this app asks you a set of simple questions to pair you with the perfect apartment, it’s genius! After running through the questions, you’re given recommendations based on your criteria. After that, it’s sort of a “tinder” for apartments. You can look at your options in a full screen view, and either tap “nope” “love it” or “maybe” to instantly tune your recommendations further. It’s an awesome way to find an apartment with ease, and the interface is clean and simple.

Stringify - home automation just got revolutionized with Stringify. Stringify allows you to chain multiple “events” together with a “flow.” You can think of it like IFTTT, but after a trigger, an infinite amount of events can be triggered. This would allow you to say something like “Alexa, I’m home” and turn on your lights, start warming up your house, and unlock your doors with one simple command. Here’s the crazy part: Stringify works with IFTTT, so if a service isn’t supported with Stringify but is on IFTTT, you can use Stringify as the middle man to run multiple IFTTT commands by saying one IFTTT command.

Essentially, you create an IFTTT trigger to run a stringify flow, and the stringify flow runs multiple IFTTT triggers that run multiple IFTTT commands. Yeah, it’s awesome. This app is technically unreleased, but is available for anyone to try in the Play store.

Kevin Nether