Happy Thanksgiving! It’s now turkey day! That means Black Friday is approaching fast, and some sales have already begun! Maybe it creeped up on you, or maybe you just didn’t care to look at ads, but if you’re looking for last minute tech gifts that will be on sale tomorrow, you’re in the right place! Everyone knows you can get deals on TVs and smartphones, but what about the not so common things? Here are some creative gifts that will be sure to please anyone. These items will be fairly budget friendly, as I’m sure most of us aren’t looking to buy a $500 TV, even if it’s a phenomenal price.

All of these deals will be available in store (except for the Amazon deals, obviously), as well as online.

Insignia 40″ Cass LED 1080p TV | $179.99 ($40 off) [Best Buy]

4863600_sdTo kick things off, we’ve got a TV under $200. For those college kids in your life, this may be a great gift for any of them who don’t have a TV (or just need an upgrade). Sure, it’s not 4K, it’s not an Amazing brand such as Samsung or LG, and it doesn’t have any “smart” features, but for under $200, it’s a pretty awesome deal.

Chromecast (2nd Generation) | $25 ($10 off) [Best Buy]4397400_sd

While most people in this day and age have some sort of solution to watch Netflix and YouTube on their TV, if you’re still living in the stone age, the 2nd generation Chromecast is a cheap and effective fix. I’ve had mine for a few months now, and I think it’s worth every penny. Since it’s $10 cheaper, that makes it an even better steal. This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who needs a boost to 2016 with their TV. The Chromecast includes the power cable, power brick, and a built in HDMI cable in the box. This means that as long as you have an HDMI input on your TV, you’re good to go.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Headset for Xbox One | $39.99 ($40 off) [Best Buy]

8560025_sdFor that gamer in your life, you can’t go wrong with the Turtle Beach Ear Force headset. It’s a fantastic way for them to get online with other gamers and friends. The headset includes a removable mic, so in addition to the high quality stereo audio, they will also be able to say stuff on in-game servers. These are specially designed for the Xbox One, so make sure to check which console your gamer has before purchasing.


Samsung EVO+ 64GB microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card | $19.99 ($25 off) [Best Buy]

Memory cards are useful for many things. Whether you have a GoPro, an Android phone 4568501_sd
needing more storage, or anything else that will take this sort of card, you can’t go wrong with 64GB for $19.99. While this isn’t exactly exciting, it’s about the most practical a gift can get. It will be sure to boost your smartphone storage, and it’s fast UHS-1 speed means you won’t be waiting on the card when accessing files on your phone. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who eats storage. Best Buy also has deals on the 32GB and 128GB versions of this card.

Want a $9 Mouse? No Problem. [Best Buy]

If you’re looking to pick up a cheap yet awesome mouse, Best Buy has the hook up. They are offering a variety of different Logitech mice, each of which are available in different colors and designs. This is another no-brainer, practical gift. Most people use a mouse, and if they’re in need of a new one, these are both high quality and cheap.

For Audiophiles: Deals on JayBird Earbuds. [Best Buy]

If you love some high quality earbuds, JayBird is the right brand for you. They have a solid build, and you can change the EQ of the earbuds in the JayBird app. To take this further, you can save the sound profile directly to the earbuds, so no matter what device they’re paired to, your sound profile will always be there. Best Buy will have an assortment of deals on different JayBird earbuds. You can catch all of the details on the link above.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) | $40 ($10 off)

61ikajnulvl-_sl1000_I’ve already talked about my appreciation for the Amazon Echo Dot, and the world’s cheapest smart connected assistant just got cheaper. For $40, you can get into home automation. Assuming you have the proper gear, the Echo can turn on your lights, lock your front door, and much more using just your voice. You can also ask it questions, and even order a pizza. It doesn’t have the advanced intelligence of the Google Home, but it’s the cheapest and best way to get started quick with a smart assistant. Speaking of the Google Home, that will be on sale for just $99.

Amazon Fire Tablet (7″ – 8GB) | ~$30 ($20 off) [Amazon]

If you’re looking for a budget tablet, the Amazon Fire Tablet is a great option. It isn’t going to be extremely fast, but at around $30 on Black Friday, it’s quite the steal. It’s running a modded version of Android, so you won’t be able to do everything that Android can do, but you can still do the basics. This tablet is especially a great option for kids.

And, That’s It!

That’s all I’ve got! I wanted to cover unique items, and not the typical stuff like TVs and smartphones. Hopefully you found something you really like! Whether you’re gifting it to someone else, or even yourself, these items are sure to not disappoint.

Kevin Nether