The Echo Dot, which let's you issue commands with "Echo" or "Alexa."
“Alexa, turn my lights on.”

One thing is for sure: I’ve never really been interested in the Amazon Echo. It seemed cool on the surface, but 2 things kept me away. (1) I’m a Google fanboy, and was waiting on the long rumored Google Home, and (2) the Amazon Echo is extremely overpriced in my opinion. The Echo Dot isn’t new by any means, but I sort of ignored it since I’ve been waiting on the Google Home. When the Google Home came out with some disappointing functionality, I began to notice what a great device the Echo Dot really is.

61tdfrkbogl-_sl1000_It’s Cheap

The Echo Dot is simply affordable. At only $50, I could justify picking one up. It’s cheap enough that I can feel reasonable about buying one. At $130, the Google Home just feels like a waste of money to me. I’d use the Home/Echo, but not enough to justify $130 (and don’t even get me started on the absurd price of the full sized Echo). So we’re back at the Echo Dot. It performs all of the same functions as the full sized Echo, but it lacks the high quality speaker. The included speaker is good enough to hear Alexa’s response to your commands, but don’t expect to be jamming out to Drake on the Echo Dot itself. Amazon has you covered, though, as you can connect any speaker via Bluetooth, or use the 3.5mm speaker output jack on the back.

It Works Well (Unlike Google Home)

I’ll be honest, I want to like the Google Home.. I really do. In a recent video by UrAvgConsumer, I really noticed how lacking the Google Home is. It has better functionality for Google Maps, but it can’t even add a reminder! How silly! In addition, it barely supports any smart home tech. It can’t even control my brand new LIFX bulbs, which Alexa has been able to do for years. I expect the Google Home will gain this functionality with future software updates, but if you’re looking for something right now, the Echo/Echo Dot will be your best bet.

I Don’t Care About the Speaker

You could argue that the full sized Echo and Google Home are so expensive due to the high quality speaker for playing music, but I’m not interested in playing music on this type of device. I have a speaker system at my desk and I use my computer to play music, and I have a Bluetooth speaker I’m already comfortable with for on-the-go use. With that being said, I’d only be using the Echo Dot to ask questions and control my LIFX lights (and whatever additional smart home tech I get in the future).


The Echo Dot is truly the best combination of cost and functionality. If you’re a hard core Google Fan, and are willing to shell out the cash, go for the Google Home. You just might have to wait a bit before it’s fully developed. Personally, although I am a hard core Google Fan, I just can’t justify the Google Home. I’m tempted to buy an Echo Dot. What do you guys think? Would you buy an Echo Dot? Drop a comment below!

Kevin Nether