In yet another Samsung release, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active may have been leaked. From the pictures seen, the S7 Active seems to be thicker than its predecessor from last year, which could be due to the angle at which the photograph was taken. However, if the phone is thicker, the S7 Active will hopefully pack a bigger battery which could be one of its major selling points.



In addition to a larger battery, the phone may also receive a change in build quality. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active seems to be manufactured out of a poly-carbonate and rubber material, making for a much more rugged device than the original Samsung Galaxy S7 which features glass and metal accents. The rubber padding seen around the corners may also make the S7 Active resistant to small bumps and falls while it seems likely that the military-specifications in the MIL-STD 810 rating will be retained, making the device resistant to extreme weather conditions as well.


Lastly, this year’s S7 Active may utilize separated navigation buttons, which again, is a departure from last year’s navigation buttons that were placed all on one block on the front of the device. In my opinion, the change makes the new S7 Active seem less toy-like than its predecessor. However, with all of those changes, the Active will still remain an AT&T exclusive just like last year.

In the presence of the already IP67 certified Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge duo, I am not too sure why Samsung would launch an additional device with the S7 moniker. Samsung has done a great job with this year’s flagship smartphones and it will be interesting to see how they market the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active when it is officially announced.