I’ve already taken a look at the Tile tracker for your keys, and now I’m looking at Tile’s newest product: the Tile Slim. The tracker can be used for anything, but is designed with wallets and bags in mind. It’s super thin, so it easily can slip in to any wallet. Let’s get into it!


The Tile Slim is so thin it’s shocking! I like the subtle pattern on it, and I have no issues fitting it in my wallet. It’s slightly wide on both sides though, and there’s definitely room for improvement in that aspect. The tracker features a stealthy button, which you can press to “ring” your phone (more on that later).


The Slim works as expected. After you activate it, simply make sure Bluetooth is turned on, fire up the Tile app, and as long as it’s within range, you can ring it. I haven’t had any issues with mine. Both the tracking ability and the community feature work perfectly. Here’s where I do experience a problem: much like the last Tile I tested, the ability to “ring” your phone by pressing the Tile logo doesn’t work. I made sure Bluetooth was on, the app was running, and I was in range. No matter what I did, it just wouldn’t work. This is pretty disappointing, and I’m not sure why it never works for me.

Is It Really Worth It?

Alright, so the Tile Slim is a “cool” concept, but should you really lay out the $30 to get one? As usual, it depends. It’s not really worth it for “insurance,” since your wallet has to be in range in order for you to find it. If you’re considering picking this up “just in case” you lose your wallet, don’t. However, if you are a generally forgetful person and are always misplacing your stuff, I would highly recommend picking one up! It’s well worth the $30 price tag. Additionally, if you have any friends and family who lose their stuff often, this is would make a great gift option, since it’s thoughtful, and it’s at that sweet spot for the price.


The Tile Slim is a great new product from Tile. It works nicely, and I can definitely recommend!

Kevin Nether