Some people care about security of their smartphones and are worried about what may happen if they download something on their phone from the internet. Others are even scared to download an app on their phone with the worry that personal information could be stolen. Here comes the announcement of a Kickstarter for the UnaPhone Zenith, which is such a paranoid phone that it does not even let you download a single app. According to the creators, this is classed as the “first truly secure and private Android smartphone”, as they have made the software so that this is possible.

The Zenith is a phone which is based of the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow but they have altered it and called it UnaOS. Despite the fact that is based on Android, it does not come with all the apps that an ordinary Android phone will come with such as the Google apps. Not only that, but there aren’t any libraries or frameworks, which is to reduce any problems with data or potential data mining. Any security vulnerabilities found by the company in Marshmallow has also been removed. They have removed anything possible that would allow for security issues and want the highest amount of privacy possible on their smartphone. So anyone wanting to unlock the bootloader and try and flash a ROM, it’s not going to be possible. The bootloader is locked and root is unachievable.

On the phone itself, the apps that you download are constricted and according to the creators, but that does not mean that you can’t download a single app. There are 40 apps that have been pre-loaded, as they have been check thoroughly by the UnaPhone team, which have been mentioned to cover all regular uses of a phone that you would need such as messaging, calling, and much more. It may be that UnaPhone could allow for more apps to be downloaded in a future software update as all apps are tested fully by the team, so it will take some time. If they have been successfully backed, they may release custom variants for business users.

If you think that this is the perfect smartphone for you, then follow the link and back the Kickstarter so that it can be released. They are looking for around $200,000 so that they can start off the company and be able to create enough phones to not be caught in a OnePlus situation. For some it may just be a concept that could be further developed, but for others it could be what they want. Check out the Kickstarter through this link: .