Android users, we’ve all been there: the latest hot app comes out, and you’ve gotta get it. You go to the Google Play Store, and you see that it’s not free. What do you do? You can charge your credit or debit card, or you could wait for the next holiday and hope a relative gives you a Google Play gift card – there must to be a better solution!

Stop Paying For Apps

Opinion Reward's Interface
Opinion Reward’s Interface

The fix? Google Opinion Rewards! No, this is not one of those hokey scam websites that offers some insane reward for taking a survey (and they never give you your reward, of course). This is a genuine app, by Google, which allows you to earn Google Play credits by taking short, reasonable surveys. Usually no longer than 3 questions, the surveys are brief and never ask for anything too personal. If it asks you for something you’re not comfortable with, you can always choose the “prefer not to answer” option! The app gives surveys pretty regularly, so you’ve always got your Play balance topped off when you need to use it. The credits you earn are only good for a year, though, so you do have to make sure to spend them in time.

The credits also work on almost anything in the Play Store, including music, movies, books, and even in-app purchases. Yes, Candy Crush users rejoice, I said in-app purchases! There’s no need to worry about checking for new surveys, as the app will send you a notification when ever you have an opportunity to earn some credits. It’s really a painless way to get some free credits, and most surveys will still pay at least $0.10, even if you’re ineligible to take it! Try it out – and never pay for Android apps again!

Play Store Link: Google Opinion Rewards

Kevin Nether