There are some manufacturers that have already jumped on the train of building completely wireless earbuds/earphones, which is definitely a step forward in terms of technology! Samsung is one of those manufacturers as they recently released a pair of fully wireless earbuds that are based around fitness. These are made for people who workout intensively or like to stay fit, in general. I’m not saying you can’t buy them if you’re not a fitness-savvy person, but I don’t really see why you would buy these for $200 when you can get some better earbud or even headphones. I mentioned “better” because of the fact that these wireless earbuds only have a battery life of about one and a half hour when you’re streaming music from your phone and around three and a half hours if you’re playing music from the earbuds’ internal memory which is 4 GB (roughly about 1000 songs).

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Fortunately, they come with a pill-shaped carrying case that will offer two full charges. That is really handy because you will carry the case with you anyways to store these earbuds, so if you ever need a charge, you can just pop these in the case and let them gain juice! These earbuds are also great at blocking outside noise because Samsung has implemented a special mode that lets the outside noises pass through if you so wish. What really catches my attention is the feature that many people will love! The feature I’m talking about is that these earbuds can monitor fitness and health data. Just like fitness trackers, these earbuds can monitor heart rate, distance traveled, and calculate all the calories that you’ve burnt. All the data gets synced to S Health which shows it in an organized manner. There is another possible dealbreaker besides the battery life. The IconXs are not compatible with devices running Apple’s own iOS. So iPhone users, you may want to look into something else.

The earbuds themselves will launch later this summer (black, white and blue) for $199.


Let us know what you think of Samsung’s IconXs and if you will purchase or pass in the discussion section down below!

Kevin Nether